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Letters From Lea: In Defense of President Trump

top news 2016;


I have to say…sometimes, President Donald Trump makes it difficult for me to defend him.

top news 2016This weekend, I was having dinner with some dear friends of mine and of course Politics came up. We began a discussion about President Trump’s comments in regard to Haiti. As you can imagine, the conversation was not going very well for those of us that support Trump. I felt compelled to come to his defense (this will come as no surprise to our regular listeners) I just couldn’t stay quiet…

President Trump is making the right business decisions for this country.

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America, Read These Books!


Listeners, you NEED to read these books!

It is time for America to “go to the mattress” (Godfather)

America’s citizens have to educate themselves about our constitution, our laws, and our government and the political system.

It’s time to take off the blinders and pay attention to the wounds that people in power, people we voted for and trusted, have ripped into the fabric of our country.

After reading these two books I was inspired to ask every person in this country to read them.

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What Really Happened at the Trump Rally in Loveland, CO

Lea at Trump Rally;

Lea at Trump RallyThe atmosphere at the Budweiser event center was exhilarating. Over 10,000 people inside chanting and cheering for Donald Trump.

Thousands of people outside, in lines over a mile long.

His guest speakers were many and varied. From veterans, politicians, small business owners…even coach Shanahan of the Denver Broncos. They all were there for one reason, united in sharing the same message…support Trump and make America great again.

Trump himself was a dynamic speaker.

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