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June 30, 2017: #LetsTalkPolitics

political discussion;

The political landscape has been changing daily, if not hourly! We thought now would be the perfect time to pause and devote an entire show to our #LetsTalkPolitics segment. To ensure we get a full and unbiased perspective we have a variety of guests including Lily Tang Williams the Libertarian nominee for US senate CO 2016 and Benjamin Jenkins a Democrat and history teacher from Wisconsin. Martin Lind will also be on to offer his response to their comments…it’s sure to be an interesting show! Local listeners will be happy to know that we will kick the show off with some great information about this year’s Greeley Stampede!

April 7, 2017: Hair Loss and Hot Topics in the News

hair loss;

Hair loss, it’s something that effects both men and women, and can happen at any age. More than 80% of women say that their hair directly effects their self condfidance. On this week’s show we’ll be talking with Dr. Bearden about hair loss so we can support, educate and offer solutions to our readers. Last week we covered a lot of hot topics in the news and this week we will dive deeper, follow up on last week’s stories, and talk about new news. As always we will end our show with #LetsTalkPolitics and Martin Lind.

January 6, 2017: Hot Topics for 2017

hot topics;

Last week’s show was all about the big news stories of 2016. For this week’s show we’re going to talk about hot topics of 2017. It’s time to get out our crystal ball and make some predictions. It’s sure to be another fun show with local guests, and guest from across the nation, chatting about what they think will be BIG in 2017!

December 30, 2016: 2016 A Year in Review

top news 2016;

It’s the end of 2016, and what a year it’s been. On this show we have guests Sean Conway, Betty Hall, Martin Lynd and so many more LIVE in studio talking about this years hottest news stories. From the many terrorist attacks across the world to Mother Teresa becoming a Saint we’ll cover it all. Celebrities, Politics, Social Media Stars and Foreign News…we’ve got a full hour of topics that are sure to interest all of our listeners.