Does it Really Take a Village to Raise a Child?

kids riding bikes

It’s a phrase that’s origins are unknown but, it’s one that has been heard thousands of times.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

What does this phrase mean to you?

Do you envision the neighborhood of your youth and a community where people were more than happy to laugh and cry together?

kids riding bikesYoung children riding bikes in droves, playing cards stuck in the spokes, and band aids on every knee. Mothers and fathers sitting on the porch or standing in the grass chatting with neighbors while keeping one eye on the kids. Pausing in conversation to shout a name now and then, a reminder of good behavior that’s expected.

Perhaps it’s a group of neighbors (though there may be many miles between them) gathered to build fence or raise a barn. Dust and mud covering boots and glasses of lemonade and cans of beer in hands roughened by years of work. Children learning to work side by side by watching their parents.

Maybe it was the knowledge that when you went to a friends house, their family would treat you as one of their own. Offering you dinner and an extra cookie for the road, and punishing you for wrong deeds just as they did their own children.

In today’s world of ever growing cities and social media, many of us don’t even know all the people we work with, much less our neighbors. The fear of getting in trouble for over stepping personal boundaries often looms larger than the desire to help.

This saying may seem as antique and outdated as catching fireflies in a mason jar….do “villages” even exist anymore?

Here at Lea Unleashed we think that villages DO still exist, and that they are necessary in teaching our children to be responsible, caring members of our community.

We’ve seen “villages” alive and well in our own local Colorado communities…and seen all the good that comes from them!

It’s a group of mothers at a local park chatting with each other as they push their children on the swing.

A 5k race to raise money for a sick child that gathers hundreds of community members together, showing their love for one family, allowing them to no longer feel helpless and alone.

It’s the local community Facebook page that offers an opportunity for it’s members to buy and sell goods. Allowing the single mother to afford warm winter clothing for her young children.

A community center that offers free help to anyone that is suffering from grief and loss, from the very young to the very old, they can find support, understanding, and love.

So often we get caught up in the negative.

Take a moment to look around and find your village, and see all the good that is being done.

Find a way to be a part of that good, and see how you can change the future!

Do you think it takes a village to raise a child?

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