October 27, 2017: Let’s Talk About Preventive Mastectomies

preventive mastectomy paitent

Two weeks ago we talked about Breast Cancer and new technology. But, did you know that thanks to Science, women that have high chance of having to fight Breast Cancer can throw the first punch? After #LetsTalkTruth and hot news topics, we have Pam Gale NP and expert on all things genetic. She’ll be talking about how genetics can help give you choices when faced with Breast Cancer. Then we have Cathy Holman, mother of 5, blogger and a preventive mastectomy patient who chose to reduce her risk of Cancer from almost 50% to 2%. We will also have Dr. Stephanie Miller from Rose Medical Center sharing some of the side effects from having a preventive mastectomy. As always, we will end with Martin Lind and #LetsTalkPolitics

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