May 25, 2018: Knowledge Is Power

Today we welcome Chuck Cooper, President of The Master’s Financial Group, to the studio. Chuck shares with us the importance of planning for the unexpected in our futures. An untimely illness or death is enough to cripple those who are closest to us. Learn about what you can do today to help lighten the burdens of tomorrow.
Daisy Waterman, owner of Pure Skinn Laser Spa in Loveland, CO, is with us to discuss the benefits of properly taking care of your skin. Her expertise will convince you to take a little “me time” and pamper yourself!

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  • Jo Moinat says:

    POWERFUL SHOW my friend! I’m so thankful you’re finally getting answers to so many questions. I pray for you that the mental health system will keep Mike safe and in a facility after his 72 hr hold is up. We ran into brick walls everywhere we turned with our Tanner and no one would do anything because “he wasn’t a danger to himself or others” and that was so wrong. He was a total threat to himself and others because he had no reasoning or control. I pray for you daily. God bless you, Chad and dear Mike. Such a difficult time you are all going through….

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