March 31, 2017: Are Your Children Safe in School?

HS students

On last week’s show we talked about the incident in Maryland where a 14 year old girl was raped in the school bathroom…during the middle of the day! It prompted us to dig deeper, beyond the incident and ask the question “Are your children safe in school?” On this week’s show we are asking opinions from experts so we can educate, support and offer solutions to our listeners.

John Gates, director of school safety here in Greeley, will be discussing how they work hard to keep children safe while supporting staff.

Arnie Baron will be talking about the legal issues that can work for or against teachers and parents.

Jana Frieler will be sharing how administrators work with parents and teachers to create a safe school environment.

Congressman Ken Buck will be calling in to talk about the recent healthcare bill that failed to pass and Martin Lind will be following him with his thoughts for #LetsTalkPolitics.

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