February 24, 2017: The Dark Side of Philanthropy


Most people would agree that philanthropy is a good thing, through charity we can offer a helping hand to those who need it most. The trouble is, how do you know if your money is going where you think, and being spent responsibly? On this week’s show we’ll be talking about the dark side of philanthropy. Bobby Whithorne from GoFundMe.com will be talking about all the good that their site accomplishes, as well as red flags to watch for! We will be having guests that will educate us on how to pick charities that are responsible and accountable, supporting those that have experienced fraud, and offering solutions to help you ensure your money is helping those who are truly in need.

We will also have on WDA nutritionist Jenna Allen talking about the differences between dairy products and falsely labeled “milk” products and Martin Lind for #LetsTalkPolitics .




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