December 2, 2016: School Safety

school safety

Keeping our children safe in schools is a topic that is important to all of us.

With mass shootings occurring at educational facilities more and more frequently, parents are asking questions and want to know how they can ensure their children’s safety. On this week’s show we have Jerry Gardner the chief of police talking about local police and their role in protecting our children. We also have Laura Crano a political media strategist, founder of I am Created Equal and Coloradans for Civil Liberties. She will be discussing an educational training that can be brought to Colorado to teach educators how to be first responders when disaster comes to their classroom door. We even have Emma as part of our new #kidstalk segment, she’ll be giving us the unique perspective of a child, and how she and her friends feel about their safety while in school. As always we will end with #letstalkpolitics with the Martin Lynd.




  • Gail Hillen says:

    I’ll be listening in!

  • Thank you for bringing that up.
    As a mother, I am always concerned about the safety of all children, teachers and school staff.
    We have absolutely amazing first responders but I always wonder how successful their job would be, knowing that time is crucial.
    Sometime ‘too soon’ can still be ‘too late’!
    We know teachers would do whatever they can in order to keep our kids safe but would love to see some training that could help first responders until they can manage to get there.

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