April 27, 2018: Count The Cost

Count the cost. Driving while using your phone. Underfunded teachers.
Welcome to the studio Shelley Forney. Raise your awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Are you guilty of putting other’s lives in danger? Be encouraged to always put safety first, and make a commitment to be an intentional driver.
We also discuss the state wide teacher walk-out/ rally that took place today.

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  • Lorraine Ross says:

    What was the connection between Shelley Forney’s story and the story you started the program with about the girl whose mother cared for her for 8 years and and she recovered from the infirmity and was able to walk and even dance. Did miss something, or got the two stories mixed up? Thanks.

    • Jamie Lynn says:

      Lorraine, thank you for your comment. The two stories are not connected. Lea briefly told the story of Victoria Arlen, the girl who was paralyzed for nearly a decade, as inspiration to never give up even if the odds are stacked against you. It was intended to be an encouragement to her listeners. Shelley Forney was introduced later. She too is an inspiration as she uses the loss of her daughter to raise awareness nation-wide about the dangers of distracted driving.

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