Letters from Lea: Why Do Godly People Need to Be Inovolved in Politics?

Unity in American politics

1776America was founded on deeply Christian moral truths, and a desire for religious freedom and tolerance.

Throughout the years our nation has become confused.

We’ve spent so much time trying not to offend each other that we have slowly let our freedoms and ability to stand for something….anything at all…slip away.

It’s a cold hard fact that politics in this country affect every single aspect of our lives.

Our homes, churches, schools and children.

Health care and the rights of the unborn, and elderly.

Our money, our poor and our guns…all of these things are controlled by politics.

Only 40% of the world has an open and free democracy and if Godly people don’t get involved in politics, we will see our constitutional and political freedoms continue to disappear.

The world is watching us and what have we shown them?

In the last 20 years what has the Republican Party accomplished?


What did Hilary Clinton represent?

No possible change. After all, what did she accomplish in her 30 years of governmental “service”?

In the 2016 Election American voters showed that they are ready for change.

The liberals are the only ones shocked and surprised, stunned and stammering. They couldn’t see the forest through the trees.

Trump voters are not racist, ignorant, misogynists.

They are America.

They turned out at the polls in droves to send the message that enough is enough.

The “irredeemable basket of deplorables” that has been observed from afar by Hilary Clinton and her supporters sitting high atop capitol hill, is finally getting noticed.

As Godly people we know how to treat each other with respect even when we disagree.

We understand the value of ALL life and we are not striving to segregate our country, tear apart families, and eliminate all those who disagree with us.

Can anyone else besides me see the hypocrisy in the Hilary Clinton supporters, accusing Trump voters of spreading hate and violence, when THEY are the ones name calling and rioting?

Unity in American politicsAs Godly people I call on you to get involved in politics on both a local and national level.

Our job did not end with voting….that was merely the beginning.

This is our chance to be the America our forefathers dreamed of.

There is room for ALL of us.

The world is changing, the silent majority is NO LONGER silent.

Be respectful, be strong, and keep close to your heart the values that our country was founded on as stated in our hallowed document the Constitution of the United States of America.

God has given America a second chance, now it’s your turn.

Give America a chance.





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