Letters From Lea: Lea Unleashed and the Western Dairy Association

WDA cows

Dearest Listeners,

Lea Unleashed is a small but mighty, weekly, hour-long program that promotes positive and critical thinking to listeners in Northern Colorado.

Greeley has been my home for over 4 decades, and it’s where I have built a platform of mutual respect, trust and values with the local community. This show is made possible in-part by the generosity of the Western Dairy Association, which makes me so proud and grateful.

WDA cowsDairy has been a part of my life even before the day I said “I do” to my dairy-farmer husband, and I am committed to voicing my support to dairy farmers, bringing awareness to the future and sustainability of the industry, and the belief that dairy is for everyone!

That is why we are dedicated to making this show a rapidly growing platform to promote all the things the Western Dairy Association stands for.

Whether you’re making a delicious grilled-cheese sandwich, grabbing a latte, having a healthy bowl of yogurt, or even integrating nutrient-rich whole milk into you daily beauty regiment, life is simply better with dairy products; and we don’t just stop there.

We recognize the strides modern dairies are making to protect the environment, their cows, and the health of their consumers, making our show a trusted platform to educate as well as promote the dairy industry.

Lea Faulkner XOXO

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