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10 Things to do When You Declutter Your Home

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On last week’s show Lea chatted with professional organization expert Tyson Kennedy from Tyson’s Gotcha Covered. Throughout the show Tyson shared some great words of advice about why we need to take the time to declutter our environments. Too often we let the objects that surround us own us, and the result is guilt and clutter that weighs us down emotionally and physically!

closet beforeLea can personally vouch that there is truth in that statement!

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August 26, 2016: Starting Over

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Usually we think of Spring as the time for new beginnings. But, Fall comes with it’s own theme of change! On this weeks show we talk with Tyson Kennedy of Tyson’s Gotcha Covered and learn how to move forward and start over. From organizing your home after a move or moving forward after a family tragedy, we’ll be sharing helpful tips and tricks.