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December 1, 2017: Let’s Talk Tech

tech time;

Last week was Thanksgiving, and we are now officially into the Holiday season! We’ll kick off this show with #LetsTalkTruth and hot topics in the news, followed by a segment with Dr. Todd Nelson. He’ll help you detox after last week and educate us on how to make some healthier choices as we move through December. We’ll follow with a Tech gift guide, from gifts for grandparents to the kids we have everything you need to get the perfect presents for your loved ones. Along with tech gifts, comes the responsibility of parents to keep their kids safe. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to keep track of your children and their tech time. As always, we’ll end with Martin Lind and #LetsTalkPolitics.

November 3, 2017: Let’s Talk About Changing Your Life


Living in today’s tech immersed world is stressful. You may find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed with all the constant noise of your life. Our job is to support, educate and offer solutions to our listeners. We have two experts on this week’s show that will help you change your life. First is Lifestyle Concierge Joe Somodi of 20/20yoga.com. He shares some how you can regain your focus and balance in today’s ever changing fast pace world. Anne Fish, best selling author and speaker, will share how taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone can improve your life! As always we will have our #LetsTalkTruth and #LetsTalkPolitics segments.

September 22, 2017: Let’s Talk Northern Colorado

northern colorado;

First up we’ll take a fresh look at news with #LetsTalkTruth. Our first guest is Bob Tointon sharing his story, what he’s done to help develop Greeley and his hopes for the future of our community. David Kennedy will be on next talking about the Hilton Lincoln Park. A sophisticated, modern place to hold conferences, business meetings or just get away for a weekend of luxury. As always we will end with Martin Lind and #LetsTalkPolitics

August 25, 2017: Let’s Talk Safety

infant safety;

It’s our ongoing mission to support, educate, and offer solutions to our listeners. We’ll kick of this show with #LetsTalkTruth where Lea shares her thoughts about the week’s hot news. Our first guest is Patty VanGilder from local organization Angel Eyes. She’ll be educating us about safe sleep and proven ways to reduce the risk of SIDS. Past guest and IT specialist Elliot will talk about how you can protect your cellphone from prying eyes and hackers. As always we’ll end with #LetsTalkPolitics with Martin Lind.