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March 23, 2018: Let’s Talk About Wine and Longevity

women wine and longevity;

Lea begins our show with #LetsTalkTruth and hot topics in the news today. Eileen Gibson shares about Blue Zones and the secret to longevity. Then we’ll have some light hearted fun with two wonderful ladies as we discuss women and wine.¬†As always we end with #LetsTalkPolitics with Martin Lind.

Jan 5, 2018: Let’s Talk About Problematic Women

problematic women;

When you hear “problematic women” what do you think about? On this week’s show we will be discussing this new term for women that don’t fit into the liberals idea of what a woman should be. If you are a woman and didn’t vote for Hilary Clinton you are a problematic woman. If you are a woman and are pro-life you are a problematic woman. Our guests on this week’s show will all be problematic women and will be discussing their ideas and how they feel that they can find new ways to speak out against liberal stereotypes.

November 10, 2017: Let’s Talk About Greeley


It’s election week in Greeley, Colorado. We have John and Patty Gates as well as Martin Lind ready to talk about the election results and what it means for our community. Terry Adams will be on talking about our local Boys and Girls club and how supporting our youth can impact or community in the future. As always, we will have #LetsTalkTruth and #LetsTalkPolitics where we take a look at hot topics in national and world news.

August 25, 2017: Let’s Talk Safety

infant safety;

It’s our ongoing mission to support, educate, and offer solutions to our listeners. We’ll kick of this show with #LetsTalkTruth where Lea shares her thoughts about the week’s hot news. Our first guest is Patty VanGilder from local organization Angel Eyes. She’ll be educating us about safe sleep and proven ways to reduce the risk of SIDS. Past guest and IT specialist Elliot will talk about how you can protect your cellphone from prying eyes and hackers. As always we’ll end with #LetsTalkPolitics with Martin Lind.