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March 17, 2017: Sex and Men

men and sex;

On this week’s show we are going to educate, support, and offer solutions to men and their partners. As men age their sexual relationships change. Not only physically but, emotionally as well. We’ll be talking with esteemed local doctor, Dr. James Howton, about erectile dysfunction and other physical problems that can get in the way of intimacy. Don’t be shy, email us at cathy@leaunleashed with any questions you’d like us to answer on-air.

Letters From Lea: Where Have All the Real Men Gone?

Real Men;

Dearest Listeners,

Let me start this month’s letter with a disclaimer. I believe that strong women (wives and mothers) are vital to our society and the success of our country…but that’s not what this letter is about.

I want to know where have all the real men gone?

Where have all the real men in America gone?

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If we take a look at the headlines in the news these past few years it’s the same messages over and over again…

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