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March 2, 2018: Guest Host Debby Baker


This week, our guest host Debby Baker will talk about grief. With several guests from our local grief center, it’s sure to be an educational and moving show. The topics covered will include the loss of a child and how families and children deal with grief.

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Dec 22, 2017: Let’s Talk About the Holidays


Christmas is only a few days away and we’re here to help you through this busy time! First we’ll have Lea and #LetsTalkTruth. She’ll catch you up on all the hot topics in the news you may have missed. Then we have Dr. Robyn Galbraith who will help us negotiate the emotional ups and downs that come with family gatherings. Dealing with loss, struggling with past hurt, and making the holidays work with blended families, we will cover it all. Past guest and professional party planner Sabrina Spears shares some tips for entertaining on a budget and a Christmas Cocktail! We will end with Martin Lind and #LetsTalkPolitics.

Lea Unleashed July 29, 2016: Grief

holding hands;

At some point in our lives we all deal with grief. The death of a family member, friend, or even a pet is sure to happen to us all multiple times. Join us today as we talk about grief with Dr. Debby Baker and learn how our local Community Grief Center is trying to help those who are hurting in our local community.