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February 23, 2018: Guest Host George Gray

teens holding hands;

There is no escaping it, our society is in trouble. Bullying, Social Media Addiction, and a rise in Violence, Depression and Teen Suicide. It’s hard not to feel angry and helpless in the face of so much negative news. In keeping with our mission to offer support to our listeners, as well as educate and offer solutions…we are creating a show full of honest talk, positivity and solutions from leaders in our community. Guests include a local school administrator, Sherriff Steve Reams and Father Kevin Barrett. Learn what we can do to create a better future!

September 23, 2016: A Day with the Greeley Sheriff Department

Lea and Greeley police;

The police have been in the news for a lot of reasons lately, and it’s time to shed some light on what they truly do. It’s no secret that we at Lea Unleashed support our local police officers, and it’s because they put their lives on the line to keep our community safe. On this show we will chat with Greeley’s police officers and learn¬†how they¬†keep our community safe.