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February 9, 2018: Guest Host Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

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Another one of our Colorado police officers lost his life in the line of duty this last week. Guest host, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams and guest Heather Tharp will be discussing how these tragedies effect the families of the officers, the local community and the law enforcement community.

Jan 19, 2018: Let’s Talk About Colorado

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So often, we get stuck looking at the national news, and forget to take a close look at what’s going on in Colorado. This week we’ll be talking to John Petit from Quality Student Tutoring/Teaching about how we can help local youth to get on track with their education. Then we have Damian Sarris from Colorado Cultivators a commercial hemp company located in Northern Colorado talking about what they do, and the future of their industry in Colorado. Colorado State Representative Ken Buck will be on discussing in depth his thoughts about upholding and changing our laws. As always, we will begin with #LetsTalkTruth and end with #LetsTalkPolitics with Martin Lind.

Help the Ranchers Impacted by the Recent Wildfires


wildfiresLast week wildfires spread across 4 states: Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado

  • At least 7 deaths are attributed to the fires. Including 3 ranch hands that succumbed to smoke and fire when trying to rescue their cattle on horseback.
  • Over 1 million acres lost across the four states including 30,000 acres in Colorado.
  • Thousands of Cattle are dead and those that survived are facing a major grazing crisis.

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Novemeber 18, 2016: Let’s Talk Colorado

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On this week’s show we are talking about all things Colorado and going over some of the Propositions and Amendments that did (and did not pass) in last week’s election. Topics include¬†Proposition 106: End of Life Options, ¬†Amendment 69, the effects of the legalization of marijuana on Colorado crime rates, and plans for Weld County. As always, we will begin and end our show with hot topics and #letstalkpolitics.