Quick and Easy Ways to Make Healthy Meals

family cooking healthy meals

family cooking healthy mealsIn last weeks show we met with a Colorado Nutritionist and talked about easy ways to make healthy meals.

We all know that cooking takes time, and time is something that most of us don’t have. Making a healthy meal that the whole family will eat (and enjoy) is the last thing we want to do after a long day at work. Below are three tips that will make it easy for anyone to prepare healthy meals!

Double the Recipe and Freeze the Extra

If you’re already taking the time to make a lovely meal for your family it’s easy to take a few extra minutes to double the recipe. Next time you make a pasta casserole double the recipe and freeze half! Making some crockpot soup? Double it and freeze the extra for a tasty, healthy homemade meal on a cold winter night! PS This is a great way to always ensure you have a frozen meal to give to a sick friend or family member in need.

Puree and Hide those Veggies

It’s the time of year when we often find ourselves with an abundance of veggies. We all have that neighbor that brings by an extra zucchini (or three). When you get tired of making zucchini bread simply blend it up (peel and all) and hide the puree in your spaghetti sauce or sloppy joes. Your family will never notice, and you can sit back and know that you helped up their daily veggie intake AND kept food from going to waste.


This is a great way to use up those fruits and veggies that are a bit past their prime. Smoothies are perfect for a quick breakfast or after school snack. You can find tons of great smoothie recipes on Pinterest or try this Sweet Spring Smoothie! A word of caution, we recommend using milk or yogurt to help make that perfect smoothie texture rather than fruit juice. Fruit juice can add large amounts of sugar, which will take away from the health benefits of this quick meal.

What do you do to make quick and healthy meals for your family?

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