Letter From a Listener: “The courage of a few victims has given strength to many others to have their voices heard…”

letter from listener

letter from listenerLea, our conversation today started with you asking “What do you think about what is going on? (In relation to the allegations against Roy Moore.) I answered that at coffee with a few others this morning, our conversation did touch on the scandals that are happening in Hollywood, and other places. The Harvey Weinstein saga is called “the worst kept secret in Hollywood.” Now, actors, producers, sports figures, politicians, etc. are being accused of these same things. The comment was that we have had a steady moral decay for decades. These may have started as sexual innuendo in advertising and movies, but it has moved forward. “If it feels good, do it,” and “ I’m Okay, You’re Okay.” Once society becomes numb to the shock value, the stakes are raised. Because, “When celebrities cease to shock us, they cease to interest us.”

I am not sure if we need to look at this on a continuum between morality and immorality. But, is it possible that there is a movement in the pendulum back towards morality in society? (However small a movement.) The courage of a few victims has given strength to many others to have their voices heard and put a new strength in them to overcome the shame and hurt that they harbor. While all of the allegations and victims and legal actions go on, in and out of the spotlight, do you think that this is only a “short-time purge?” Or, will sexual harassment, assault, and worse, become stigmatized enough to reduce it?

At one point, our conversation turned towards the divisiveness in politics. Each side says that the other side is wrong, criminal and broken. If we can realize that we are all broken, and stop placing blame on others, maybe we can meet somewhere there is common ground to discuss how we can grow together.

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