Letters From Lea: In Defense of President Trump

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I have to say…sometimes, President Donald Trump makes it difficult for me to defend him.

top news 2016This weekend, I was having dinner with some dear friends of mine and of course Politics came up. We began a discussion about President Trump’s comments in regard to Haiti. As you can imagine, the conversation was not going very well for those of us that support Trump. I felt compelled to come to his defense (this will come as no surprise to our regular listeners) I just couldn’t stay quiet…

President Trump is making the right business decisions for this country. He is an amazingly intelligent and clever business man and for the first time in way to long, we finally have someone in this prestigious place of office that is willing to “take one for the team.”  To take hits for standing firm and speaking his mind. He has our backs (and by “our” I mean the American people not politicians and big business) not only economically and financially, but for the first time in too long, we have a President that supports our military and consequently our country’s safety.

Our great country is headed for a windfall…hugely 😉

President Trump is not always as diplomatic as he should be. He can, at times, be boorish…we can all agree he needs to work on this. But, I can say with confidence, that he is not racist nor was he in collusion with Russia.

We need to take a breath and look at what he has done for our country financially in the last year, not to mention the steps he’s taken for the good of our military! It’s been powerful and dynamic to watch him execute his plan. He’s accomplished so much, in such a short amount of time.

From the moment he won the election to now, he has been pummeled with negative press, left wing lies, and conspiracies abound. Despite all this, he has not veered from his vision of making America great again.

Lea at Trump Rally

Lea at Trump Rally

He can be brash, cocky and impudent at times…he is also aggressive, courageous and speaks from his heart. Those last three things are why I think America voted for him. Bit by bit he is following through on the promises he made to the American people the best he can.

The new tax cuts are unprecedented, and he continues to nominate and place supreme court justices that we hope will keep our constitution intact.

I feel comfortable saying that President Trump is bringing our country back from the dead. He said he was going to drain the swamp and it’s obvious he is, despite the kicking and screaming of many of those that surround him.

If you live in our country peacefully, come here legally, have respect for our flag, our constitution, and the men and woman that lay down their lives to protect it…President Trump and I welcome you with open arms and will do all that we can to help you succeed and flourish in this amazing country that we both love.

Just saying,


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