10 Things to do When You Declutter Your Home

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On last week’s show Lea chatted with professional organization expert Tyson Kennedy from Tyson’s Gotcha Covered. Throughout the show Tyson shared some great words of advice about why we need to take the time to declutter our environments. Too often we let the objects that surround us own us, and the result is guilt and clutter that weighs us down emotionally and physically!

closet beforeLea can personally vouch that there is truth in that statement! She and Tyson spent hours cleaning out her closet. It was an area that used to bring Lea so much joy, a large spacious closet and dressing room filled with clothes and personal items. Eventually the space became toxic and a source of stress. It was filled to bursting with items old and new and no longer functioned as a dressing room. Somehow it had become a storage area and every time Lea went into it to pick her outfit, she was overwhelmed and disappointed…

closet afterAfter a consultation meeting with Tyson and a plan to declutter and organize her closet Lea and Tyson set to work. They went through each and every nook and cranny. They talked about each item and decided what was to be kept and what was to be donated. It’s exhausting and emotional work but as you can see from the after picture…it’s well worth it!

Here are 10 things to do when you declutter you home!


Schedule a specific time to declutter and get your family on board with you!

Pick one room, closet, or area of your house to do at a time, and stay focused on that area.

Take some time to look at the space and form a plan. Will you be changing it’s function or does it just need cleared out? Do you need to add shelves or purchase storage containers?

Purchase any organization items you will need. Plastic garbage bags, boxes for donations, markers for labeling, shelving or storage containers.

Start at one end of the room and work your way systematically through the entire space.

Touch every item in the space and immediately put it where it needs to go. If it’s trash put it in a garbage bag, donations go in the box and have a clearly marked keep pile (or area). This is where having helpers can make a big difference!

Once the items are sorted and the room is completely cleared, take the time to do a deep cleaning and make any necessary repairs.

Systematically start putting the items in your keep pile (or area) back into the space. Be open to purging even more as you complete this step.

Make a plan to help keep this area organized, and make sure you family is on board with the new rules as well.

Kick back and enjoy the feeling of a job well done!

Still feeling overwhelmed?

Call Tyson from Tyson’s Gotcha Covered and scheduled a consultation with her (720)300-7207

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